TARGET de Luxe
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TARGET de Luxe

Art.No: 2911
Shipping time: 2-8Weeks
MPN: MePaBlu
692,00 EUR
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TARGET de Luxe with amplification up to 30-fold
The model TARGET de Luxe  
 is characterized by:
- outstanding amplification
- 5 different program procedures  
- In-/outdoor automatic
The extra slim design of the cap 
- adjusts extremely well to the head shape
- it is a robust design and still very handy
Furthermore the well proven SoftGel® ear pads
assure a high wearing comfort
The features of the TARGET de Luxe model are
5 different program procedures:
1. Program for the shooting stand
    with 10-fold amplification
    with long cut-off time (echoes and the sounds of 
    - gunshots and flying bullets are suppressed)
 2. Program outdoor – low for the hunting district
     with 10-fold amplification 
     the external microphone can be connected
     with short cut-off time,  
     -  to hear the flying bullets, e.a. under hunt conditions
 3. Program outdoor – high for the raised hide
     with 30-fold amplification
     the external microphone can be connected
     with short cut-off time
4. Program flash light
    with red LED light 
    otherwise like Program 2
5. Program automatic cut-off 
    after approx. 4 hours


- the caps are green in color contrasted with black carbon optics and gold-colored
- the head band out of berillium-steel is padded 
  with black lether vilene 


- external microphone
- functional bag for the device and accessories - Design new: in camouflage
- 1 pair of microphone wind shield
- 1 set of hygiene material
- 1 set of batteries (AAA)  


The ear muff and accessories are packed in a gift box 


Made in Germany 


Order No. 2911


A free service Service von MePaBlu for a special device:
Between 1,5 to 2 years after purchase yourTARGET DE LUXE gets a free of charge service.

The procedure: You send your TARGET DE LUXE to MePaBlu in
                          The TARGET DE LUXE will be
                          supported by us.
                          Nearly 2 weeks later you will
                          get it back.

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