About us
The MePaBlu Medizintechnik Pack-Blumenau GmbH is acting as a manufacturer and service company since about 30 years.
As a supplier and partner for government and public services – hospitals , police, army –
and also for private customers we are developing and manufacturing in addition of medical
technology professional ear protection equipment, special headsets and our SoftGel®-Pads and accessories.
We are focussing on high quality and durable products, this implies that out products
upgradable, retrofittable and repairable are.
Why earprotection and hearing amplifier:
Especially for hunter and sport shooter the gun sound as a impuls noise with high intensity
it´s still a underestimated danger. Scientist have been documented in a study that about 47%
of all examined hunters and sport shooters suffer from restricted hearing.
For this reason MePaBlu is producing ear protection and hearing amplifier with an outstanding
reaction time to reduce the noise to a save level, but also with a high amplification leveling up
low noise.  In the end the hearing is the most important sense right after the sight.
MePaBlu is located in Bordesholm near Kiel in Schleswig-Holstein/Deutschland
  • Product development will be done partly in cooperation with the University of Kiel
  • Manufacturing will be supported  by  the Stiftung Drachensee
(work for handicapted people)

Highlights out of our portfolio:
  • the original SoftGel®-ear-pads made by MePaBlu, with an optimized fit to the head shape
  • the high performance hearing amplifier up to 30fold amplification
  • the fast digital/analog electronic
  • hearing low noise under 82 dB(A)
  • the outstanding wearing comfort
- e.a. based on asymmetric arranged headband holder
The SoftGel® pads fit the devices listed in the "Important new" categories of the information box.
MePaBlu s producing in Germany
- Made in Germany -.